Who We Are

Millennials are the most innovative, compassionate, and motivated generation this world has ever seen. We don't want to work like our parents. We want to work for a cause that is greater than ourselves, somewhere that embraces innovation and outside the box thinking, and allows us the freedom to experience life.

Millennial Giants strives to eliminate the live to work approach that we have been taught, and replace it with a work to live mindset! We do this by pairing our Giants with jobs that best fit their interest and skill set while at the same time providing them with livable a wage.

Our Core Principles:



The best way to master a skill is to study it and teach someone else. We give people the opportunity to learn and lead others. Our goal is to train the next generation of leaders using a skill transferring methodology.


We’ll pair you with an experienced mentor that is an expert in your field of interest. Utilize our templates to create your personal life strategy so that we can learn about your goals and find the proper mentors to hold you accountable.


Statistics show that millennials care more about a purpose than a paycheck. We’re here to match you with both. We’ll review your resume and give you the opportunity to work a job that utilizes your skills and passions.

Next Steps...

If you're interested in joining our movement, send your resume to careers@millennialgiants.com